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Basic Information

2022 International Conference on Emerging Networking Architecture and Technologies (ICENAT 2022)

Website: http://icenat.pcl.ac.cn/


Shenzhen, China

Conference Date

Oct 15 - Oct 17, 2022

Submission Deadline

Aug 30, 2022


Subjects: Computer Science and Technologies


Indexing: EI Compendex,Scopus

Short Description

★Full name: Springer--2022 International Conference on Emerging Networking Architecture and Technologies (ICENAT 2022)

★Abbreviation: ICENAT 2022
★Conference Date
-October 15-17, 2022
★Conference Location
-Country: China
-City: Shenzhen
★Website: http://icenat.pcl.ac.cn/
★Submission Link: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=icenat2022
★Welcome to ICENAT 2022:
Although the network technology has achieved great success, it also faces new demands and challenges. This drives the continuous innovation of network system and technology for achieving enhancing intelligence, integration, security and mobility. In this context, Emerging Networking Architecture and Technologies have become the focus of research over the world, and a series of distinctive achievements and applications have emerged. The International Conference on Emerging Networking Architecture and Technologies (ICENAT) will focus on the latest achievements in the field of emerging network technologies, covering the topics of emerging networking architecture, network frontier technologies, industry network applications and so on. ICENAT will invite experts to exchange the latest research progress and application experience, so as to jointly explore the development trend and hot spots of emerging networking, and strengthen the cooperation between academia and industry in the field of emerging networking. The 2022 International Conference on Emerging Networking Architecture and Technologies (ICENAT 2022) will be held in Shenzhen, China during October 15-17.
Peng Cheng Laboratory
★Supporting Units:
National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) 
Chinese Institute of Electronics
China Institute of Communications
Beijing Jiaotong University
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT)
★Technical Support:
Shenzhen City Computer Federation (SZCCF)
Shenzhen Key Lab for Information Centric Networking & Blockchain Technology (ICNLAB)
National Engineering Research Center of Advanced Network Technologies (NERC ANT)
★Conference Committee:
* Conference Chairs:
Academician Wen Gao (PengCheng Laboratory);
Academician Binxing Fang (PengCheng Laboratory).
* Conference Co-Chairs:
Academician Jianhua Lu (National Natural Science Foundation of China, Tsinghua University);
Feng Zhang (Chinese Institute of Electronics, Chairman);
Yanchuan Zhang (China Institute of Communications, General Secretary).
* Executive Chair:
Academician Hongke Zhang (Beijing Jiaotong University, PengCheng Laboratory).
* Technical Steering Committee Chairs:
Academician Jiangxing Wu (Information Engineering University);
Academician. Xuemin Shen (University of Waterloo, Canada, Foreign academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering);
Academician. Nei Kato (Tohoku University, Japan, Fellow of the Engineering Academy of Japan).
* Technical Program Chairs:
Prof. Weizhe Zhang (PengCheng Laboratory);
Prof. Ke Xu (Tsinghua University);
Prof. Gaogang Xie (Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences);
Prof. Zhiyong Feng (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications);
Prof. Ping Dong (Beijing Jiaotong University);
Li Ao (Chief Engineering Officer of CAICT);
Dr. Fan Shi (China Telecom ).
* Conference General Secretary:
Prof. Jia Chen (Beijing Jiaotong University).
* Program Committee Chairs:
Prof. Shuai Gao (Beijing Jiaotong University);
Prof. Changqiao Xu (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications);
Prof. Hongbin Luo (Beihang University);
Prof. Hongfang Yu (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China);
Dr. Jiayuan Chen (China Mobile Research Institute, Network and IT Technology Research Institute);
Dr. Jiguang Cao (Vice Chair of Technology and Standard Research Center of CAICT).
* Publicity Chairs:
Prof. Dong Yang (Beijing Jiaotong University);
Prof. Fei Song (Beijing Jiaotong University).
* Publication Chairs:
Prof. Wei Quan (Beijing Jiaotong University).
* Local Chairs:
Kai Lei(Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School);
Binqiang Wang (PengCheng Laboratory).
* Finance Chair:
Prof. Wei Su (Beijing Jiaotong University).
* Technical Committee Members:
Yu Zhang (Harbin Institute of Technology);
Chunxiao Jiang (Tsinghua University);
Zhenyu Li (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences);
Jianfeng Guan (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications);
Shangguang Wang (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications);
Su Yao (Tsinghua University);
Fei Qin (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences);
Bohao Feng (Beijing Jiaotong University);
Tao Zheng (Beijing Jiaotong University);
Yuyang Zhang (Beijing Jiaotong University);
Weiting Zhang (Beijing Jiaotong University);
Mingchuan Zhang (Henan University of Science and Technology);
Shan Zhang (Beihang University);
Long Luo (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China);
Liang Guo (CAICT);
Junfeng Ma (CAICT).
★Call for Papers
The specific topics of the conference include, but are not limited to:
Track 1:Emerging Network Architecture and Technologies
    Emerging network architecture
    Emerging routing and switching technologies
    Emerging naming and addressing technologies
    Green network technologies
    Architecture and key technologies related to Software Defined Network(SDN), Network Functions Virtualization(NFV), Information Center Network(ICN), Computing First Networking(CFN), Intent-Based Networking(IBN)
Track 2:Network Intelligence Theory and Technology
    The application of artificial intelligence in the emerging networking
    Digital twin network, Metaverse and applications
    Blockchain and applications
    Perception of network and network measurement
    Routing algorithm, traffic scheduling, congestion control
    Intelligent data plane design
    Network resource orchestration and management
    Automated network management strategy
    Intent-driven network management and control
    Network service and content distribution
Track 3:Heterogeneous Networks and Network Integration
    Integration theory and technology of heterogeneous network
    Air-space-ground-sea integrated network
    Forwarding, storage and computing resource integration
    Multi-domain network integration
    Convergence of wired and wireless network
    Cloud network collaboration, computing and network collaboration
    Cloud-network-edge-end collaboration
Track 4:Network Service Quality Assurance and Security
    Deterministic network (DetNet) theory and technology
    Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) theory and technology
    Network fault detection, localization and recovery
    Network resilience design
    Network security, attack detection and mitigation
    Network storage security and privacy
Track 5:Dedicated Network Applications
    Large-scale testbed for emerging networking
    Design and experiment for dedicated applications of emerging network technologies
    Design, implementation and deployment of testbed
Track 6: Information Centric Networking(ICN)
    Architecture design and evaluation
    Routing, forwarding, and caching for ICN
    Security solutions for ICN, including privacy, trust management, access control, and key management.
    ICN solutions supporting mobile or constrained environments
    ICN network management, e.g., monitoring and fault diagnosis
    Design, implementation and evaluation of information-centric solutions in solving real-world problems
Accepted and presented papers of ICENAT2022 will be published in the conference proceedings by SPRINGER, which will be included into SPRINGER Publishing House and submitted for EI Compendex.
★Submission Method:
Please submit the full paper to:
For your submission, please follow the rules:
1. Submitted paper should be at least twelve (12) pages single-column in English, including figures, tables, references.3 extra pages are allowed with additional purchase of additional page charges.
2. Submissions must be in PDF (Portable Document Format) and authors should ensure they are compatible with Abode Acrobat (English). Any other formats will not be accepted, including Postscript or Microsoft Word.
3. All submissions must describe original research that has not been published or is currently under review for another conference or journal. Submissions should not contain plagiarized material and are not concurrently submitted to any other conference/journal.
4. The final accepted paper should have at least one author registration and be presented at the conference.
* Submissions that violate formatting requirements may not be reviewed.
★Contact Us:
Conference Secretary: Prof. Jia Chen (Beijing Jiaotong University)
WeChat: icenat_2022
Email: icenat2022@163.com


E-mail: icenat2022@163.com


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